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Dyeing Machines

The textile dyeing machine is an important part of the dyeing process. So, it is a must to know about different types of dyeing machines and their properties. We know that; dyeing is a process of coloring textile materials to give a nice outlook to grey textile materials. By the reaction between dye solution and textile materials, it becomes colorful. Dyeing is done in a dye bath where a dye solution is made. Different types of material are dyed in the different dye baths. The dyeing process varies depending on the type of material.

Types of Dyeing Machines

In ancient times dyeing was done in an open bath but day by day this process is improving with the research of scientists. Now dyeing is done more efficiently than in ancient times. No man can do as he will. Different types of modern equipment are used to dye the materials. Depending on the type of the material following machinery is used:

Fiber Dyeing Machine

These types of machinery are used to dye fiber. Natural and man-made/synthetic materials can be dyed by these machinery. Generally, fiber dyeing is done less than yarn or fabric dyeing. But dyeing action is more effective than yarn or fabric dyeing. Here fiber molecules are well dyed.

Yarn Dyeing Machine

Yarn dyeing is another dyeing process. Generally, yarn dyeing is done for special purposes; like to make designed textile materials. Three types of processing machinery are available for yarn dyeing. They are:

1. Hank dyeing machine: This machine use to dye yarn in hank form. Sewing thread is dyed by this process.

2. Package dyeing machine: This dyeing machine use to dye the yarn in package form.

3. Beam dyeing machine: Here yarn is dyed in beam form.

Fabric Dyeing Machine

Fabric dyeing is the most important sector in the dyeing area. Different types of fabric are dyed by these machinery. Fabrics may be woven, non-woven, or knitted. However, the following machinery is used for fabric dyeing:

1. Jigger dyeing machine: This machine use to dye woven fabric.

2. Winch dyeing machine: In this machine both woven and knitted fabrics are dyed. Specially knit dyeing is done by this machine.

Except for these three mentioned above, there are also other kinds like beam dyeing machine, jigger dyeing machine, sample dyeing machine, etc. For fabric processing, dyeing machine is not enough, you may also need rinsing washing machine, printing machine, beam cloth rolling machine and other equipments.



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