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Boteco is a pub, a bar, and a restaurant. It is a meeting place, a family dinner table, a hangout for "jogar papo fora" (chit-chat), and the next best thing to feel as if you're in Brazil without having spent big bucks for the flight.

Boteco is where people can come to feel that lively, intimately familiar sense of human connection. You can surround yourself with the good company of friends and family and the live music thrumming throughout the room. Here, you can sample the diverse creativity of Brazilian cuisine's heart and soul.


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Whether you're sipping on fruity Caipirinhas while sharing appetizers at Happy Hour with your besties, getting cozy with comforting homemade dishes, or celebrating a moment with family over plates of gluten-free snacks with a heaping helping of desserts afterwards, you're guaranteed to have a good time.


Discover the warm, belly-filling sensation of savoury tradition like our Pão de Queijo with a cup of Brazilian coffee, or try a cool, refreshing drink on our patio. Wherever you sit at Boteco Brasil, you'll be treated to the colours of its national flag, decor of the lush and bountiful lands, and talented singers and musicians.


Boteco is more than a gem of Vancouver cuisine; it's a place where Brazilians feel right at home and Canadians feel welcome. Whether you're vegetarian or vegan or not, gluten intolerant or not, there's a table waiting for you here. Come and feel the vibrant, electric energy you can only find at Boteco Brasil, and enjoy the truly authentic Brazilian experience.



About Eliane Trovo

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Boteco Brasil's owner Eliane Trovo came from São Paulo to Vancouver in 1999 to study English for only 4 months.  She never thought that sixteen years later, she would be running a Brazilian restaurant.

In 2015, Eliane took the challenge to become a restaurateur and acquired Boteco Brasil, which had been in existence since 2012. Since then, she is committed to making Boteco Brasil a reference in Brazilian food in Vancouver. Eliane has learned a lot, and despite all the daily challenges, she is certain that she made the right decision.

“Boteco Brasil has been the biggest challenge in my life without a doubt.  Every day I learn something new. Despite all the long hours and the craziness of dealing with many different issues, (suppliers, staff, city, etc), I do love my job. It is so worth it to see how excited our clients get when they see the wide variety of items we have on our menu.  The big smiles on their faces and their happiness are priceless". Eliane Trovo, owner of Boteco Brasil.


“We have created a vibrant and cozy place for food, drinks, and conversations. Here, our guests can meet each other, and sometimes become good friends. We offer most of the traditional Brazilian dishes, prepared as our mom would do back home.  We hear from our guests daily saying “we feel as if we are at home”.

We hope that when you visit our restaurant, you'll experience not only the taste of the Brazilian cuisine, but also a bit of our vibrant and rich culture.




2545 Nanaimo Street

Vancouver, BC V5N 5E6

Tel: 778-379-7995



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