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Welcome to Boteco Food Truck

Your passport to the vibrant flavours of Brazil on the streets of Vancouver! We're on a mission to bring authentic Brazilian cuisine to your fingertips.From sizzling skewers to irresistible appetizers, our menu embodies the essence of Brazil's culinary heritage. Every bite takes you to the lively streets of Brazil, where food means community and celebration.Follow us on our social media and the Street Food Vancouver app to track our journey across the city. You can find us at different locations throughout the week, so your cravings are covered whenever they strike.



But that's not all – we're here to make your private events sizzle too! Boteco Food Truck is available for bookings, bringing our Brazilian flair to your gatherings. Connect with us for more information on how we can add a flavourful touch to your special occasions.

Our Food Truck Schedule

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