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Live Music - January 2023

Stay Tuned!!!

Take a look in the live music calendar for January:

. Tchelo & Tolico + Friends: The multi instrumentalists Tobias Soleil & Celo Vieira will bring us a great set of Brazilian music (Jan 5, 12 & 18 from 7pm to 9pm)

. Ciranda who is a regular band here @Boteco will be playing a mix of Choro, Forró and Samba (Jan 7 & 28 from 7pm to 9pm)

. Sara Magal will enchant us with her voice performing the best of MPB, Bossa and Pop (Jan 8, 15 & 29 from 1:30 to 3:30, and Jan 22 from 7pm to 9pm)

. Brejera - our house band - will be playing all good tunes as usual (Jan 8, 15 e 29, from 7pm to 9pm)

. Bossa E Cetera (a Vancouver-based trio) will be playing a mix of Bossa Nova, Funk, Pop, Folk and Blues (Jan 14 & 26, from 7pm to 9pm)

Come to join us!!!


Check our calendar!

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