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Experience Live Music in Vancouver BC at Boteco Brasil!

Do you love hearing live music as much as we do? If you feel like there aren't too many options of places for live music in Vancouver BC, you have got to try Boteco Brasil! And here is exactly why.

An authentically Brazilian experience

In Brazil it's very common to hear music vibrating and resonating from around every corner, in every neighbourhood. Passion is one of the most key ingredients to a good song, and you're likely to really feel that while visiting.

In contrast, take a listen to the neighbourhoods in Vancouver BC…there's definitely a huge difference. You won't hear music so much as city noises such as traffic. Compared to Brazil, it's very rare to hear live music from around the corner or in your neighborhood in Vancouver.

Boteco Brasil fills that void where you can hear and feel the beats coming from our live music! We're located near the train station so we're easy to find—just listen for the drums, guitars, songs, clapping, and cheering nearby!

Discover new and amazing sounds

These three musical styles are among the most popular inside and outside of Brazil!

  1. Brazilian Bossa Nova

  2. Brazilian popular music

  3. Samba

  4. Forró

If you're not familiar with any one of these genres of music, don't worry! You can listen at your own pace via our Events page. Maybe you'll even discover some new favourite songs!

Your personal choice of venue at Boteco

If indoors is too crowded or too loud, don't fret. Boteco Brasil has an outdoor patio as well! And whenever the seasons change, we make the patio more comfortable by placing heaters in the winter. There is also coverage on the sides and the ceiling to make things more cozy. While some nights are very accommodating, other times it may depend on your party size as well as the date. Whatever finer details you need us to know about, we're all ears!

Food is an option meanwhile!

The majority of our audience and customers who frequent Boteco Brasil are Brazilians based from Vancouver BC, and you may be surprised to know this but there are a lot of them! Brazilians are warm and welcoming and love to party.

Be sure to check out our Live Events page to see who's playing tonight or coming soon to our Vancouver BC restaurant!

A little piece of Brazil, without the travel part

Boteco Brasil is truly a wonderful way to experience what Brazil is as a country and as a culture. Best of all, you don't have to board a plane in order to get there! By hosting your meal and live music experience in Vancouver BC, you can have a little slice of Brazil's lifestyle without the hassle of traveling too far to get here.

Your table is waiting for you

Are you ready to experience the live music in Vancouver that Boteco Brasil has to offer? Get the most out of your time spent at your table here by looking up our featured bands in advance. You can click here to check our live music schedule or go ahead and book a reservation.

Whenever you're ready to visit us at Boteco Brasil, we're ready for you!

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