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Vegan and Vegetarian Options on the Menu

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Do you often find it tough to go out to eat and only have a few selections to choose from? Thankfully, our Brazilian restaurant in Vancouver BC, Boteco Brasil, has got your back. We offer lots of delicious vegan and vegetarian options on our menu and you can check them out below!

Experience Traditional Brazilian Cuisine with Our Vegan Feijoada

Feijoada is a traditional Brazilian bean stew. Rather than use pork as the typical meat, in our vegetarian option we use plant-based sausage instead.

Funny story, we've had customers say to us, "Excuse me, I see that my order has pork sausage in it!" The reality has been that the plant-based meat in our vegan feijoada is so similar that it's a common mistake made.

You can rest easy, we don't put meat in our feijoada if you don't want it! Instead, savour the spices mixed with beans and be sure to enjoy the sauteed kale, basmati rice, vegan cassava (toasted cassava flour), vinaigrette salsa, and slice of orange that typically comes with this tasty and comforting stew.

Savour Strogonoff Made Just for Vegetarians

Yes, stroganoff can be vegetarian! While known best as a European dish, we make our stroganoff for vegetarians using hearts of palm. This vegetable is harvested from the core of palm trees of many varieties such as coconut and açaí. When chopped, the hearts of palm may bear a similar texture and look of artichokes. In our stroganoff, the hearts of palm are covered with a creamy, rich onion and mushroom sauce, and you can stir it into the basmati rice that comes with your meal.

Nibble on Mandioca (Cassava) in Crisp or Fry Form

These are like potato chips or French fries but much healthier! Mandioca, also known as macaxeira , aipim (portuguese), cassava (english), or yuca (spanish), are frequently grown in Brazil and you don't need as much seasoning to get the desired flavours as you would on regular potatoes. Cassavas can also be ground and then toasted into the flour often served alongside our meals!

Why not try a fruit caiprinha as your drink with your mandiocas. This pairing is especially popular during our Happy Hour at Boteco Brasil!

Love Corn and Corn-based Foods? Have Polenta as Your Next Appetizer

Did you know you can order fries and they're not made of potatoes? At Boteco Brasil we offer an appetizer called Polenta. These fries are made out of ground cornmeal and vegetable broth, served with a garlic aioli dip. If you're vegan you can ask to try this before your entree without the dip. A must-try if you love garlic and corn in your meal, or if you want to try something new altogether!

Feeling Hungry? We Have a Table Ready for You

Our Brazilian restaurant in Vancouver BC welcomes anyone who has a specific diet they must follow, whether by their choice or for good reason. Our vegan and vegetarian meals can also be gluten-free.

While you wait, why not sit back and enjoy the music we play at our restaurant? You can sit outside on the patio or inside if it's raining. Occasionally we feature live music, so if this is something you're interested in please check the schedule on our website.

Whatever your meal preferences are, whenever you want to eat green and healthy, we've got a table ready for you. Come and experience the Brazilian atmosphere for yourself, no matter what your food preference may be!


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