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Brazilian Cuisine: A Dance Party for Your Tastebuds

Let's say you've had a long, draining day at work today. You go to your fridge, look inside, and realize several things. One, you're too exhausted to cook. Two, you're tired of the usual meal options. Three, the call for adventure (at least, for your mouth) has been niggling at you for some time.

We have a question for you, if this sounds like your predicament:

Have you ever tried Brazilian cuisine?

If you have already tried it, then you already know what it's like, and you know it can be a real treat. If not, kick start those tastebuds of yours and let your mouth enjoy a dance party of delightful flavours! You really need to try the menu at Boteco Brasil, our Brazilian restaurant in Vancouver BC.

What qualifies as Brazilian Cuisine?

Historically, Brazilian cuisine has come about as a melting pot of several cultures' influences such as African, Asian, and European to name only a few. Each dish reflects the people and their diversity within each region in Brazil, hence why there's no "national" Brazilian cuisine, but rather a huge assortment of typical dishes and traditions.

In the heart of this form of cuisine is many healthy foods you may have seen here and there at other restaurants and grocery stores, but maybe you've never really stopped to consider them. Beans, tapioca, rice, mandioca, açaí, and guaraná are all plentiful in both the Brazilian diet and even in nutrients! Meat cuts, fish, and poultry are all frequently added to the staples to form traditional dishes. And of course, who could ever forget about having a cup of Brazilian coffee?

There are a few ways to truly describe the foods to virtually everyone who's not familiar with them: diverse. Creative. Flavourful. Filling. Unique.

Seriously, the only way to really understand why Brazilian cuisine should be tried at least once in your life is to genuinely experience tasting it. You may be wondering though, where to start?

Traditional Brazilian Cuisine You Need to Try

Feijoada - pork and black bean stew, typically made using slow-roasted varieties of cuts from pork. Feijoada can also be vegetarian or vegan however! It's often served with kale, rice, and a slice of orange.

Mandioca - fry it up and eat them like fries or gnaw on them in chip form during Happy Hour with cool, fruity caipirinhas! Mandioca, also known as Cassava, Macaxeira, or Aipim is akin to the potato and is usually prepared similarly. Cassava is also used as a flour to accentuate and add texture and flavour to vegetarian dishes, and when toasted the cassava flour becomes known as Farofa.

Brigadeiro - a Brazilian twist on the traditional chocolate truffle! These are usually made with cocoa and condensed milk, then rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

And guess what? You can find all of these traditional Brazilian foods and more at Boteco Brasil in Vancouver!

Can't come to the restaurant? We'll bring the dance party to you!

At Boteco Brasil we offer several delivery options to your front door in case you're a little extra tired from your day at work, or if you truly need to rest. You can still order online from Doordash, Skip the Dishes, or Uber Eats and let your tastebuds sashay and sway to the taste of Brazilian cuisine in the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind, even though these options are always available, there's really nothing like an evening spent at Boteco Brasil itself. You truly have to be present in the restaurant to believe in the creativity and passion that Brazilian culture is made of! There's live music, there's a lot of conversation, and there's a friendly atmosphere that's ready to help you feel welcome, whenever you are.

So, ready to make your mouth feel like it wants to dance? Come on by to Boteco. We've got a table ready for you.


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